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Special Guests

Julie is very pleased that two of Canada’s very best children’s entertainers are also two of her very best friends: Mark Lewis and Tricky Ricky (Richard Lyn). One of the two is sure to make an appearance at the show.



Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Mark Lewis has been delighting children throughout the U.K. and Canada for over forty years. Kids of all ages are sure to fall under his magic spell.  Simply silly – Mark’s humour is infectious; with Mark, laughter is the order of the day. 



As Richard Lyn (known far and wide as Tricky Ricky) is now performing for the children of the children he once entertained decades earlier, it is no surprise that he is a City Parent Magazine “Best Children Entertainer Award” Winner. Funny, crazy and full of magic, Tricky Ricky is a delight. 



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