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Magic for Kids & Families!

"An extravaganza of magic for the young at heart..."


The Experience

Welcome to a world of wonder – the world of Piff Paff Poof!


Poof – as you may have guessed – is a bunny, a very special bunny. And what would a bunny be without a magician?!  Poof’s magician is Julie Eng.  Together, they perform some amazing magic for the young at heart – colourful, visual, participatory, funny and, most of all, magical.  (They have even been known to levitate a mom or two!)


Julie also has many magical friends. She has promised to make sure that one drops by to perform for Poof and  his friends –  that's you!


Although the main show lasts for fifty-five minutes, it doesn’t hurt to drop by a few minutes earlier ...  and receive a special something. You can get your very own Poof nose and whiskers; or even a Poof temporary Tattoo!


So, please visit us before Poof, Julie and their friends disappear!



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